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Our knowledge and experience allow us to take to take you to the rarely visited and little known places. As some clients know exactly where they want to go, and some rely on us, every cruise is individually planned. Remaining respectful to the preserved areas, we have around 200km of varied and interesting trails. Our home port is Giżycko, located in the heart of The Great Masurian Lakes. It allows us the explore both the northern and southern areas..



Assuming, that Giżycko would be our starting point, the shortest trail we can offer (1,5h) leads trough the Szlak Łabędzi, which is is located on the lake Kisajno. It is a picturesque cruise, avoiding the main sailing trail, leading trough a number of passes between the isles and peninsulas in the less resorted part of the lake. If you feel unsatisfied, we can extend the cruise and pull in at famous yacht port in Sztynort, where you can find the palace and park complex of the Lehndorff family (2-2,5h). Near Sztynornt, on the lake Dobskie we can enjoy rare sights – it is there, where the Cormorant Island is located, where, besides cormorants, one can see a heron or a white-tailed eagle (3-4h).


Places of interest

Each cruise is an unique event and it is hard to predict it’s scenario to the last detail. Besides the aforementioned attractions, there is much more to see, however it requires an individual plan. We can offer you a cruise to the Mazurski Canal (an extraordinary architectonic initiative, that was meant to connect the Masurian Lakes with the Baltic Sea) and exceptionally preserved bunker complex in Mamerki. While on the northern part of the trail, it is a great idea to visit the Węgorzewo port and the town itself. By contrast, moving south of Giżycko we can make a stop to see Mikołajki famous for it’s shanty festival or go to Ryn, where once deteriorating XIV century castle was turned into a hotel, allowing tourists to explore it’s interior.


Relax in silence

Some people prefer to spend their leisure time on reading or introspection and they don’t feel the need for additional stimuli. To such guests we recommend the silence and the calmness of masurian nature- after leaving the port we become a ship on the Coast of Heavenly Peace or drifting in the middle of the lake. There is no need to worry about the logistics, because the guest can embark from virtually any point on the trail. A fully equipped kitchen allows us to serve the meals regardless of the length of the cruise.


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