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The music is an important part of any cruise. Those are not intrusive sounds, but a low-keyed background to accompany the sights. Sometimes, however, the music is supposed to be the center of attention, and than we can help you by providing:


The sommelier show by mr. Marek Gałaj is a source of knowledge not only about wine, but also about life. The presentation is studded with anecdotes and is a great opportunity to gather all participants of the cruise in one place. We also offer you a choice of wines chosen for masurian cosine. The show last about 2 hours.


The R.I.B. dinghy is a guarantee of quick adrenaline burst in comfortable conditions. The participants of the ride get wild on the waves for 10 minutes, guided by an experienced cox.


For the anglers we have a basic equipment and fishing permissions.

Scuba diving

We cooperate with the local diver school. We provide the equipment and instructors.

Swimming in the middle of a lake

Tour guides

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