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Osjan, Posejdon and Olimpia are magical venues, thanks to the magical people. The name of their creator and animator is Piotr „Kostek” Konstantynowicz. In local community he is known as an active man with a smile on his face. It is him, who has co-created the Wspólnota Mazurska society, and later, for many years, has been running the legendary Jazz Club Galeria. With time, he has taken his passion for culture and arts on the decks of the ships.

The goal of these meetings – be it musical or literary – is always the connection on multiple levels: the youth and the senior citizens, sounds and images, and most of all- the sight and the thought.

We invite you to explore the gallery of events from the past years:

Radek Nowicki
Radek Nowicki - sax. Michał Tokaj - kbd. Michał Barański - bass Łukasz Żyta - dr.
07.2010 754
Maciej Grzywacz Trio
Maciek Grzywacz - git. Andrzej Święs - bass Łukasz Żyta - dr.
Wojciech Karolak
Wojciech Karolak - hammond Jurek Małek - tr. Tomek Grzegorczyk - sax. Arek Skolik - dr.
Ida Zalewska
Ida Zalewska - voc. Kuba Płużek - kbd. Max Mucha - bass Łukasz Żyta - dr.
Artur Dutkiewicz Trio
Artur Dutkiewicz - p. Andrzej Święs - bass Łukasz Żyta- dr.
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