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The originality has become an important factor in choice of the venue for an incentive or a training, so the message is strengthened by the occurrences and remains in the memory of the participants, so it will be recall even years later. That is why we suggest you to try a ship.


We offer you the atmosphere of openness, the friendly and professional staff, a great catering based on the regional products and much more attractions. Still, our primary asset is the location, or rather the borders and at the same time, the lack of them. The borders are defined by the ship, which brings the participants together and disallows isolation, and at the same time, the surroundings allow the mind to relax and focus.

Training / Conference

Modern technologies make the idea of an office as a place obsolete. It is replaced by a set of mobile devicec, that allow us to work wherever we need. That is we recommend relocating your training from air-conditioned room with artificial light to the deck of a ship. During the training we serve coffee, and during the breaks or after you finish, we invite you to a fresh lunch.

We have the following equipment:


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