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We like to eat, we like to cook…

Our proposition for you is an extraordinary combination of our local food and the things we enjoy in various cosines. But first of all, what we serve our guest has passed the strict judgement of our friends. There are dishes that we will never abandon, for example a fried saute perch-pike with the Kostek’s special chanterelle sauce. On the other hand, we keep on experimenting, and the multitude of tastes makes our menu a constantly evolving living organism. What we love the most, however, are the recipes found in the old jottings of our aunts or mums- if the trial run is successful, the smell of childhood emerges on the ship.

Now for more details- how would you like a freshly smoked vendace or eel? Or a venison in plums? And with that, a colorful table of salads and marinades from our pantry? And for dessert, the giżycko sękacz, or a cheesecake that our aunt just baked yesterday? If you are at least slightly hungry- help yourself!

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